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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

The Nicest Thing   Let It Ride 1961

Run! Run! Run!   Let It Ride 1961

There's Something About A Horse   Let It Ride 1961

Who's Doing What To Erwin?   Let It Ride 1961

You're The Nicest Thing   Let It Ride 1958

How Can I Tell Her?   Lucy Gallant 1955

Anonymous   Mister Ed 1987

Fiddle Foot   Mister Ed 1958

Mister Ed   Mister Ed 1960

Let Me Hear You Whisper   Mister Roberts 1954

A Coach and Four   Monsieur Beaucaire 1946

Warm As Wine   Monsieur Beaucaire 1946

We'll Drink Every Drop In The Shop   Monsieur Beaucaire 1946

Mr. Lucky   Mr. Lucky 1959

Beside You   My Favorite Brunette 1946

My Favorite Brunette   My Favorite Brunette 1947

Just A Moment More   My Favorite Spy 1951

Here's To Love   My Friend Irma 1949

Just For Fun   My Friend Irma 1949

My Friend Irma   My Friend Irma 1949

My Own, My Only, My All   My Friend Irma 1949

Baby, Obey Me!   My Friend Irma Goes West 1950

The Fiddle and Gittar Band   My Friend Irma Goes West 1950

I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)   My Friend Irma Goes West 1950

Singing a Vagabond Song   My Friend Irma Goes West   1950

Never Too Late   Never Too Late 1965

Hellzapoppin' Polka   New Hellzapoppin' of 1943   1942

All About Love   Off Limits 1952

The Military Policeman   Off Limits 1953

Right or Wrong   Off Limits 1953
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