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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

The Magic Touch   Raw Wind In Eden 1955

Bad News   Red Garters 1953

Brave Man   Red Garters 1953

A Dime and a Dollar   Red Garters 1953

Ginger Pete   Red Garters 1953

Good Intentions   Red Garters 1953

Lady Killer   Red Garters 1953

Let Me Love You   Red Garters 1953

Man and Woman   Red Garters 1954

Meet A Happy Guy   Red Garters 1954

Red Garters   Red Garters 1953

The Robin Randall Song   Red Garters 1954

This Is Greater Than I Thought   Red Garters 1954

Vaquero!   Red Garters 1954

Friendly Finance Company   Rhubarb 1951

It's A Priv'lege To Live In Brooklyn   Rhubarb 1951

Saddle The Wind   Saddle The Wind 1958

The Song of Delilah   Samson and Delilah 1949

Sangaree   Sangaree 1953

Back Home   Satins And Spurs 1954

I've Had Enough   Satins And Spurs 1954

The Little Rock Roll   Satins And Spurs 1954

Nobody Cares   Satins And Spurs 1954

Satins and Spurs   Satins And Spurs 1954

Whoop Diddy Ay   Satins And Spurs 1954

Wildcat Smathers   Satins And Spurs 1954

Honey, Oh, My Honey   Somebody Loves Me 1951

Love Her!   Somebody Loves Me 1951

Love Him!   Somebody Loves Me 1951

Thanks To You   Somebody Loves Me 1952
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