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Song of Surrender   Song of Surrender 1949

California Rose   Son of Paleface 1951

What A Dirty Shame   Son of Paleface 1952

Wing-Ding Tonight   Son of Paleface 1952

Rock-a-Bye Bangtail   Sorrowful Jones   1949

The Streets of Laredo   Streets of Laredo 1949

The Paramount Don't Want Me Blues   Sunset Blvd. 1950

The Highway Polka   Swing Hostess 1944

I'll Eat My Hat   Swing Hostess 1944

I've Got An Invitation   Swing Hostess 1944

Let's Capture This Moment   Swing Hostess 1944

Music To My Ears   Swing Hostess 1944

Say It With Love   Swing Hostess 1944

Swing Hostess   Swing Hostess 1944

Take A Giant Step   Take A Giant Step 1959

French Heels   Tammy and the Bachelor 1957

Tammy   Tammy and the Bachelor 1956

Chihuahua Choo-Choo   That's Life 1954

Clink, Clank, Clunk   That's Life 1954

Ridgeville Fight Song   That's My Boy 1951

As I Love You   The Big Beat 1957

The Big Clock   The Big Clock 1948

A Dude And A Doll   The Busters: Ransom for Alice   1977

That Ain't Right   The Chevy Show 1959

Anniversary Rose   The Dinah Shore Chevy Show 1950

Foxtrot   The Far Side of Paradise 1976

The Flee That Flew   The Flee That Flew   1991

T.C. Round-Up Time   The Furies 1950

I Heard   The General Electric Theater,
hosted by Ronald Reagan

One Hand Tied Behind My Back   The General Electric Theater,
hosted by Ronald Reagan
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