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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

Paris Smiles   Is Paris Burning? 1966

I Was A Little Too Lonely (And You Were A Little Too Late)   Istanbul 1956

Any Other Way   Kentucky Lucky 1976

Country Mornin' Young   Kentucky Lucky 1976

East To Asheville, South To Atlanta   Kentucky Lucky 1976

The Female He-Male Hoedown Song   Kentucky Lucky 1976

Firin' Up The Seminole Express   Kentucky Lucky 1976

Kentucky Lucky   Kentucky Lucky 1976

Put It In A Box   Kentucky Lucky 1976

The Single Girl   Kentucky Lucky 1976

This Is Home   Kentucky Lucky   1976

Kitty   Kitty 1945

Kolin Kelly   Krazy Kat 1963

Krazy Kat   Krazy Kat 1963

Mrs. Kwakk-Kwakk   Krazy Kat 1963

Offissa Pup   Krazy Kat 1963

The Best Undressed Girl In Town   Let It Ride 1961

Broads Ain't People   Let It Ride 1961

Ev'rything Beautiful   Let It Ride 1961

Happy Birthday Erwin!   Let It Ride 1961

He Needs You   Let It Ride 1961

Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack   Let It Ride 1961

His Own Little Island   Let It Ride 1961

I Wouldn't Have Had To   Let It Ride 1951

I'll Learn Ya   Let It Ride 1961

If Flutterby Wins   Let It Ride 1961

It Just Didn't Happen That Way   Let It Ride 1961

Just An Honest Mistake   Let It Ride 1961

Let It Ride!   Let It Ride 1961

Love, Let Me Know   Let It Ride 1961
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