Remembering Ray Evans on his 100th birthday
Ray Evans 100th Birthday Celebration at the Ray Evans Seneca Theatre

Feb. 5, 2015 SALAMANCA — Born in February 1915, Ray Evans would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 4. Although Evans passed away in 2007, his memory lives on in Salamanca where a party for his birthday took place in the Ray Evans Seneca Theater, named for the late Oscar-winning songwriter.

Attendees wishing to celebrate his birthday came from all of Western New York and gathered in the lobby to sing songs, share memories, eat cake, drink punch and tour the historical theater.

By Kellen Quigley


Livingston and Evans: Anatomy of a Christmas Carol
From The Halls Of Christmas Past Comes One Of The Most Successful Songwriting Duos Of All Time Who Saw Christmas Songs As A Way To Possibly Have A Hit Each And Every Holiday Season

Dec. 16, 2014 — The Golden Age of popular song writing was brief, flowering roughly from the 1920s through the 1950s. Most of the composers and lyricists who filled the ranks of that elite fraternity and wrote for Broadway and Hollywood are gone now. However, as Irving Berlin once vamped, “The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.”

By David Fantel and Tom Johnson
Reel to Real Special for Modern Times Magazine

Celebrating World Day for Audio Visual Heritage with Hollywood Songs
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Monday, October 27 is World Day for Audio Visual Heritage, a day promoted by UNESCO and the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA), for raising awareness of the preservation issues of the vast and valuable audio-visual materials in our archives. For several reasons, audio-visual information is especially vulnerable to loss: much of it is rare or unique, irreplaceable if lost; it is kept on a dizzying array of media types, many of which have become obsolete; many of these media types are extremely fragile and are prone to degradation over time; and to even know what is on a given recording may require that it be played — an act that could easily spell the end of that particular recording’s life...
By John F. Anderies

Salamanca Historical Society Proudly Features Ray Evans Exhibit
Salamanca, New York
THE SALAMANCA PRESS — Christmastime is when Salamanca’s famous son Ray Evans comes to mind the most as people hear his song, “Silver Bells” played throughout the holidays.
Thanks to The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Foundation, visitors to the Salamanca Area Historical Society and Museum can learn the details of Evans’ life through a special exhibit dedicated to the lyricist who was part of one of the world’s most successful song-writing teams.
By Deb Everts

Gregg Allman, the National Sing 'Silver Bells' with Stephen Colbert
Holiday song kicks off 'Christmas Carol Week'
ROLLING STONE - The Colbert Report kicked off what they're calling "Christmas Carol Week" last night with Gregg Allman and the National's Matt Berninger, Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner singing "Silver Bells" with host. Stephen Colbert. If it sounds extremely random, it is – but they pull it off.
By Mike Ayers 

Salamanca, New York
THE SALAMANCA PRESS - One of the city’s most distinguished landmarks will open its doors for its first major event in several years, while paying homage to arguably its most famous resident in the process.
The Ray Evans Seneca Theatre will open in mid-December for a movie weekend, marking the first
time since 2010 the theater has been used for a major event and the firsttime in decades it will host a movie.
In true Ray Evans fashion, the first movie shown at the theater will be “The Lemon Drop Kid,” the 1951 film in which Evans’ holiday classic “Silver Bells” was first introduced.
By Rich Place

The 'Never Built Los Angeles' exhibition shows what could have been, and has lessons for leaders about what could be.
LOS ANGELES TIMES -- Los Angeles has never been big on regret.
For most of the city's history we've been so busy charging forward, inventing and reinventing the future, that we've rarely paused to wonder what might have been.
By Christopher Hawthorne

Silver Bells and Oscar Gold: Ray Evans in Hollywood
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
On exhibit April 11 - October 29, 2012
The Eugene Ormandy Gallery
Otto E. Albrecht Music Library
Van Pelt-Dietrick Library Center
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Ray Evans (W'36) was the lyricist for one of Hollywood's most successful songwriting teams in the decades following World War II. His engaging lyrics coupled with the memorable tunes composed by his partner Jay Livingston (C'37) turned songs like "Silver Bells" and "Mona Lisa" into classics. This exhibition tells the story of Evans's remarkable career in Hollywood by focusing on the seven songs nominated for an Oscar from 1945 to 1964. Objects on display include letters, photographs, sheet music, record albums, and the three Academy Awards that Evans received.

Good, Bad or Otherwise, Keep Writing and Peddling
Persistence paid off for the songwriting duo of Ray Evans W’36 and Jay Livingston C’37.
THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE --  Their creative and personal journey—and the lost world of popular music pre-rock-and-roll—is documented in fascinating detail in a collection of materials recently donated to Penn. 
By Ben Yagoda

50 Main Titles: 1950-69
The show before the show: prime-time TV openings, 1950-69.
LA TIMES MAGAZINE -- edited by Cary Georges
Slide 09:   BONANZA  Written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.
Slide 35: MISTER ED Written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.
Slide 37: MR. LUCKY Written by Henri Mancini, Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.
Slide 40: PETER GUNN Written by Henri Mancini, Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.

50 Vogue Records
The 78 RPM collectibles you had to see to believe, from the label that first spun the phenomenon in 1946

LA TIMES MAGAZINE -- edited by Cary Georges
Slide 02:   The King's Jesters  "Sepulveda"  Written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston.

Doris Day's 1956 Columbia Recording of QUE SERA SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE) Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame

Diverse Selection of 25 Recordings Added to Collection Residing at the GRAMMY Museum
Continuing the tradition of preserving and celebrating great recordings,The Recording Academy® announces the newest additions to its legendary GRAMMY Hall Of Fame® collection. Highlighting diversity and musical excellence, the collection acknowledges both singles and album recordings of all genres at least 25 years old that exhibit qualitative or historical significance. Through a tradition established nearly 40 years ago, recordings are reviewed annually by a special member committee comprising of eminent and knowledgeable professionals from all branches of the recording arts, with final approval by The Recording Academy's National Board of Trustees. With 25 new titles, the list currently totals 906 and is displayed at the GRAMMY Museum®.

 2012 GRAMMY Hall of Fame Incudees include:

Doris Day
(Jay Livingston & Ray Evans)

Columbia (1956)

Pop (Single)

Penn Libraries Recent News
Penn Libraries Receives the Archive of Oscar-Winning Songwriter Ray Evans
PHILADELPHIA -– The University of Pennsylvania Libraries has acquired the papers and memorabilia of songwriter and Penn alum Ray Evans and his wife, Wyn, thanks to a gift from The Ray & Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation. The Foundation will also fund the two-year appointment of a project cataloger who will fully integrate the materials into the Libraries’ collections.

Read the full article here:

WHYY Radio's Peter Crimmins Interview
WHYY Radio's Peter Crimmins interviewed Nancy Shawcross on songwriter Ray Evans
WHYY Radio's Peter Crimmins interviewed Nancy Shawcross on songwriter Ray Evans (W’36) and the Libraries’ recent acquisition of the Evans Papers from The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation. The text of that radio broadcast is here: Launch
New launches
The Ray & Wyn Ritchie Foundation are pleased to launch the new as the official online destination for Ray Evans. The site provides information, songs and other media from the musical catalog of Livingston and Evans, as well as biographies, sheet music artwork, photos and memorabilia, film clips, and more. Watch for more content to be added over the coming months. Thank you for visiting!