Hellzapoppin' (Olsen and Johnson)
G'bye Now
My Heart's On Ice
My Heartzapoppin'
The Window Wiper Song
Secrets of a Co-Ed (Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC))
Brazilly Willy
New Hellzapoppin' of 1943 (Olsen and Johnson)
Hellzapoppin' Polka
I Accuse My Parents (Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC))
Are You Happy In Your Work?
Love Came Between Us
Where Can You Be?
Swing Hostess (Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC))
I'll Eat My Hat
I've Got An Invitation
Let's Capture This Moment
Music To My Ears
Say It With Love
Swing Hostess
The Highway Polka
Why Girls Leave Home (Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC))
Call Me
The Cat and The Canary
What Am I Sayin'?
Crime, Inc. (Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC))
I'm Guilty
Lonely Little Camera Girl
Kitty (Paramount Pictures)
People Are Funny (Paramount)
Hey Jose
The Stork Club (Paramount)
A Square In The Social Circle
Double Rhythm (Paramount)
Have The Last Kiss On Me
Monsieur Beaucaire (Paramount)
A Coach and Four
Warm As Wine
We'll Drink Every Drop In The Shop
My Favorite Brunette (Paramount)
Beside You
My Favorite Brunette
To Each His Own (Paramount)
To Each His Own
Champagne For Two (Paramount)
Ho! Ho! Jose!
Dream Girl (Paramount)
Dream Girl
Drunk With Love
Easy Come, Easy Go (Paramount)
Easy Come, Easy Go
Golden Earrings (Paramount)
Golden Earrings
Paris In The Spring (Paramount)
At The Carnival
Smooth Sailing (Paramount)
Great Feeling
The Big Clock (Paramount)
The Big Clock
The Imperfect Lady (Paramount)
Piccadilly Tilly
Whispering Smith (Paramount)
Beyond Glory (Paramount)
Beyond Glory
Catalina Interlude (Paramount)
Isn't It Romantic? (Paramount)
At The Nickelodeon
I Shoulda Quit When I Was Ahead
I Think of You
Indiana Dinner
Miss Julie July
Wonderin' When
Sorrowful Jones (Paramount)
Havin' A Wonderful Wish (Time You Were Here)
Rock-a-Bye Bangtail
Speed to Spare (Pine-Thomas Productions-Paramount)
Golden Earrings
The Paleface (Paramount)
Buttons and Bows
Meetcha 'Round The Corner
Bride of Vengeance (Paramount)
Give My Love
Give Thy Love
The Wine of Old Giuseppe
Copper Canyon (Paramount)
Copper Canyon
Dear Wife (Paramount)
Dear Wife
Havin' A Wonderful Wish (Time You Were Here)
My Own True Love
My Friend Irma (Paramount)
Here's To Love
Just For Fun
My Friend Irma
My Own, My Only, My All
Paid In Full (Paramount)
You're Wonderful
Song of Surrender (Paramount)
Song of Surrender
Streets of Laredo (Paramount)
The Streets of Laredo
Sunset Blvd. (Paramount)
Buttons and Bows
The Paramount Don't Want Me Blues
The Great Lover (Paramount)
A Thousand Violins
Lucky Us
The Heiress (Paramount)
My Love Loves Me
Ace In The Hole (Paramount)
We're Coming Leo
Captain Carey, U.S.A. (Paramount)
Mona Lisa
Fancy Pants (Paramount)
Fancy Pants
Home Cookin'
Lucy Gallant (Paramount)
How Can I Tell Her?
My Friend Irma Goes West (Paramount)
Baby, Obey Me!
I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
Singing a Vagabond Song
The Fiddle and Gittar Band
No Man of Her Own (Paramount)
The Lie
Samson and Delilah (Paramount)
The Song of Delilah
The Furies (Paramount)
T.C. Round-Up Time
The Redhead and The Cowboy (Paramount)
Trav'lin' Free
Aaron Slick From Punkin' Crick (Paramount)
I'd Like To Baby You
Life Is A Beautiful Thing
Marshmallow Moon
My Beloved
Purt' Nigh, But Not Plumb
Saturday Night In Punkin Crick
Soda Shop
Step Right Up
Still Water
The Spider and the Fly
Why Should I Believe In Love?
Will You Be At Home In Heaven?
Anything Can Happen (Paramount)
Love Laughs At Kings
Crosswinds (Paramount)
Here Comes The Groom (Paramount)
Bonne Nuit
Here Comes The Groom
Misto Cristofo Columbo
Your Own Little House
I Love Lydia (Stage Show, Players Ring Hollywood, California)
Gee, It's Gonna Be Wonderful
Give The Little Girls A Great Big Hand
I Love Lydia
I Was Waiting for You
I Wouldn't Have Had To
Let Me Put It This Way
Le├žon de danse
My Most Delectable Dream
One Last Fling
The Order of the Garter
Viva La Buck
Viva La Duel
My Favorite Spy (Paramount)
Just A Moment More
Rhubarb (Paramount)
Friendly Finance Company
It's A Priv'lege To Live In Brooklyn
Sangaree (Pine Thomas Productions- Paramount)
Somebody Loves Me (Paramount)
Honey, Oh, My Honey
Love Her!
Love Him!
Thanks To You
Son of Paleface (Paramount)
California Rose
What A Dirty Shame
Wing-Ding Tonight
That's My Boy (Paramount)
Ridgeville Fight Song
The Lemon Drop Kid (Paramount)
It Doesn't Cost A Dime To Dream
Silver Bells
They Obviously Want Me To Sing
When Worlds Collide (Paramount)
When Worlds Collide
Houdini (Paramount)
The Golden Years
Off Limits (Paramount)
All About Love
Right or Wrong
The Military Policeman
The Stars Are Singing (Paramount)
Haven't Got A Worry
I Do! I Do! I Do!
I Don't See What You See In Me
Lovely Weather For Ducks
My Heart Is Home
My Kind of Day
Those Redheads From Seattle (Paramount)
Mister Banjo Man
Thunder In The East (Paramount)
The Ruby and the Pearl
What Price Glory (20th Century Fox)
All My Love
My Love, My Life
You and Me Together
Here Come The Girls (Paramount)
Ali Baba
Don't Take My Heart
Heavenly Days
Here Come The Girls
It's Torment
Never So Beautiful
See The Circus
When You Love Someone
Ya Got Class!
Red Garters (Paramount)
A Dime and a Dollar
Bad News
Brave Man
Ginger Pete
Good Intentions
Lady Killer
Let Me Love You
Man and Woman
Meet A Happy Guy
Red Garters
The Robin Randall Song
This Is Greater Than I Thought
Casanova's Big Night (Paramount)
Pretty Mandolin
Mister Roberts (Warner Bros.)
Let Me Hear You Whisper
Oh, Captain!
A Very Proper Town
All Over Again
All The Time
Anywhere But Here
Captain Henry St. James
Double Standard
Give It All You Got
Hey, Madame
I've Been There (And I'm Back)
It's Never Quite The Same
Life Does A Man A Favor
Love Is Hell
Oh Captain Prologue
Oh Captain! (Overture)
The Morning Music of Montmartre
Three Paradises
We're Not Children
You Don't Know Him
You're So Right For Me
Sabrina (Paramount)
Dream Girl
Satins And Spurs (NBC)
Back Home
I've Had Enough
Nobody Cares
Satins and Spurs
The Little Rock Roll
Whoop Diddy Ay
Wildcat Smathers
You're So Right For Me
That's Life (Los Angeles Revue)
Chihuahua Choo-Choo
Clink, Clank, Clunk
The Livin' Lovin' Doll
Three Ring Circus (Paramount)
Hey, Punchinello
Magic Rails
Magic Rails
Raw Wind In Eden (Universal International Pictures)
The Magic Touch
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Paramount)
Holy Cow
Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)
We'll Love Again
The Second Greatest Sex (Universal International Pictures)
The Second Greatest Sex
Istanbul (Universal International Pictures)
I Was A Little Too Lonely (And You Were A Little Too Late)
Tammy and the Bachelor (Universal International Pictures)
French Heels
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
Anniversary Rose
The Mole People (Universal International Pictures)
The Mole People
The Scarlet Hour (Paramount)
Never Let Me Go
Omar Khayyam (Paramount)
Tell My Love
The Loves of Omar Khayyam
Saddle The Wind (MGM)
Saddle The Wind
The James Dean Story (Warner Bros.)
Let Me Be Loved
This Happy Feeling (Universal International Pictures)
This Happy Feeling
Another Time Another Place (Paramount)
Another Time Another Place
Girls On The Loose (Universal Pictures)
I Was A Little Too Lonely (And You Were A Little Too Late)
Houseboat (Paramount)
Almost In Your Arms
Bing! Bang! Bong!
Once Upon A Horse (Universal International Pictures)
Once Upon A Horse
Peter Gunn (NBC)
Bye, Bye
Straight To Baby
The Big Beat (Universal International Pictures)
As I Love You
Vertigo (Paramount)
A Private's Affair (20th Century Fox)
If You're Willing to Be Mine
Love Is A Private Affair
The Same Old Army
Warm and Willing
Blue Angel (20th Century Fox)
My Sons, My Sons
Mr. Lucky (CBS)
Mr. Lucky
Take A Giant Step (United Artist)
Take A Giant Step
The Chevy Show (NBC)
That Ain't Right
The General Electric Theater,
hosted by Ronald Reagan
I Heard
One Hand Tied Behind My Back
All Hands On Deck (20th Century Fox)
All Hands On Deck
I Got It Made
Little Friend
Somewhere There's Home
There's No One Like You
You Mean Everything To Me
Mister Ed (CBS)
Fiddle Foot
Mister Ed
Let It Ride
Broads Ain't People
Ev'rything Beautiful
Happy Birthday Erwin!
He Needs You
Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack
His Own Little Island
I Wouldn't Have Had To
I Wouldn't Settle for Less
I'll Learn Ya
If Flutterby Wins
It Just Didn't Happen That Way
Just An Honest Mistake
Let It Ride!
Love, Let Me Know
Run! Run! Run!
The Best Undressed Girl In Town
The Nicest Thing
There's Something About A Horse
Who's Doing What To Erwin?
You're The Nicest Thing
The Two Little Bears (20th Century Fox)
Honey Bear
Too Late Blues
How Shall We Begin?
Love Is Mardis Gras
Moonlight In Mexico
More and More Amor
Take Your Time
That's Loneliness
Those Bad Old Days
Three Dollar Bill
Krazy Kat (King Features-Paramount)
Kolin Kelly
Krazy Kat
Mrs. Kwakk-Kwakk
Offissa Pup
Wait Until Dark (Warner Bros.)
Wait Until Dark
Dear Heart (Warner Bros.)
Dear Heart
Tammy And The Doctor (Universal Pictures)
Those Calloways (Walt Disney)
Youngblood Hawke (Warner Bros.)
On My Way (The Youngblood Hawke theme)
Charade (Universal Pictures)
Punch and Judy
Harlow (Paramount)
Lonely Girl
Never Too Late (Paramount)
Never Too Late
Tammy (ABC)
The Night of The Grizzly (Paramount)
The Third Day (Warner Bros.)
Love Me Now
Arabesque (Universal Pictures)
We've Loved Before
Is Paris Burning? (Paramount)
Paris Smiles
The Oscar (Embassy Pictures)
Maybe September
The Glass Mountain
This Property is Condemned (Paramount)
Wish Me A Rainbow
Torn Curtain (Universal International Pictures)
The Green Years
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? (United Artists)
In The Arms of Love
To Rome With Love (CBS)
To Rome With Love
Kentucky Lucky
Any Other Way
Country Mornin' Young
East To Asheville, South To Atlanta
Firin' Up The Seminole Express
Kentucky Lucky
Put It In A Box
The Female He-Male Hoedown Song
The Single Girl
This Is Home
The Far Side of Paradise (New World Pictures)
W.C. Fields and Me (Universal International Pictures)
The Joke's On Me
The Busters: Ransom for Alice (NBC)
A Dude And A Doll
A Family Circus Christmas (Cullen-Kasdan Productions)
The Dreamer
The Italian Look
Afternoon In Athens
All About Women
Cara Mia
It's In To Be In
Just As You Are
Kind O' Nice
Look-A-Here Joe
See Ya, Love Ya
The Four Generals
The Garbage Disposal
The Italian Look (Finale)
Viva La Difference
The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud (20th Century Fox)
Angel In The Night
West of East
Almost In Love
Broken Promises
That's What I'm Afraid Of
The Day After Tomorrow
West of East
What Am I Afraid Of
Wild West Showing
Mona Lisa (Handmade Film and Palace Productions)
Mona Lisa
The Red Parasol
Bon! Bon! Bon!
It Just Didn't Happen That Way
Tango For Lechers
The Natives Are Restless Tonight
The Red Parasol
The Story
What Fools These Mortals Be
It's A Miracle
Let's Be Lovers
Let's Paint The Whole World With Love
Love Is Blind
Lysander Loves Hermia, Helena Loves Demetrius
Bonanza: The Next Generation (NBC)
The Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Don't Brother Me
I Gave You A River
I Got A Plan
Law and Order
Old Gypsy Man
The Book of Regulations
The Odyssey of Runyon Jones
What Is A Dog?
What Is A Robot?
The Passions of Perichole
As The Bird Flies
But I Miss Him
For The Man I Love
I Need Your Love
I'll Make Every Moment Me
Mother Earth
Soul Music
That's Where I Belong
The Battle Hymn of Him And Her
The Poor Proud People of Peru
The World Belongs To Me
What Can I Do That's New
What Has She Got
The Flee That Flew
The Flee That Flew
Bonanza: The Return (NBC)
Bonanza Under Attack (NBC)