It's A Priv'lege To Live In Brooklyn
(It's A Privilege To Live In Brooklyn)


  • Written for the 1951 Paramount Pictures film, Rhubarb. Directed by Arthur Lubin and starring Ray Milland, Jan Sterling, and Gene Lockhart.
  • Rich, eccentric T.J. Banner adopts a feral cat who becomes an affectionate pet. Then T.J. dies, leaving to Rhubarb most of his money and a pro baseball team, the Brooklyn Loons. When the team protests, publicist Eric Yeager convinces them Rhubarb is good luck. But Eric's fiancĂ©e Polly seems to be allergic to cats, and the team's success may mean new hazards for Rhubarb.
  • Taglines: The Story of the Millionaire Tomcat ... who inherits a big-league ball team!
  • Performed by the cast.

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