My Heart's On Ice


  • Written for the Broadway musical production Olsen and Johnson's New Hellzapoppin' of 1941.

Recording History
The Charioteers, Columbia Recores, 35851, 1940
Blow, ye winds, blow!
Come, hail and snow!
Come what may,
My heart’s in season.
I’ve stopped all confusion.
I’ve dropped all illusion.
I’m out of circulation.

Lips that were warm, now are cold.
I’ve put my heart on ice,
And my private paradise
Is a cold No Man’s Land;
A no romance land.

Oh, let ev’ry heat wave unfold!
I’ve got my heart on ice,
For love has too high a price.
Never more will romance
tempt me to dance with fate.
For my heart was out of date
After love smashed it up,
But I soon patched it up.

Now in a world apart there’s ice in my heart,
For I’ve been deceived and denied.
I’ve been betrayed by love.
Now colder than jade’s my love.
MY HEART’S ON ICE Hellz A Poppin’, Broadcast Music Inc., New York, 1940 Words and Music by Olsen and Johnson, Jay Levison & Ray Evans (Professional Version)