Take A Giant Step


  • Written for the 1959 Hill-Heckt-Lancaster Productions film Take a Giant Step. Directed by Philip Leacock, starring Johnny Nash, Estelle Hemsley, Ruby Dee and Frederick O'Neal.
  • A black high school senior struggles with becoming a man, and living in a middle class white neighborhood in the late 1950s U.S. In protest of the paternalistic views of the Civil War emphasized in his history class, he storms out and gets caught smoking a cigar in the boys' room. Spence's crush on a white classmate goes nowhere because of her father's attitude toward blacks. His outspoken grandmother seems the only one who understands his angry growing pains, at the early stages of the U.S.'s Civil Rights Era.
  • Taglines: Sometimes Teenage Is Spelled TNT!
  • TAKE A GIANT STEP is sung in the film by Johnny Nash.

Recording History
Johnny Nash and Don Costa, Take A Giant Step / But Not For Me (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin), ABC Paramount, 10046, 1959