Lucky Us


  • Written for the 1949 Paramount Pictures film The Great Lover, starring Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, and George Reeves.
  • A romantic comedy that takes place on an ocean liner, an inept scoutmaster pursues a duchess while a murderer pursues him.
  • Screen Director’s Playhouse broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of The Great Lover on March 22, 1951 with Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming reprising their film roles.

Recording History
Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
Bob Hope and Margaret Whiting and Billy May & his Orchestra, Capitol Records, 57-783,, 1949
Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark, The Great American Composers, Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, Columbia House, 8651
Though we won’t have much in worldly goods
We’ll be envied by the neighborhood
In our private wonderland
Here we’ll stand, hand in hand
happy and in love.

Just a bungalow for two
So right for each other
We won’t need a view
We’ll see one another
No glamour around us
But aren’t you glad we found us?
Gee, lucky us!

So we haven’t got a maid
They’re so interfering
When we pull the shade
Who’s seeing? Who’s hearing?
Two candles are glowing
Our happiness is showing
Gee, lucky us!

If we had a million, we might want a billion
And be uneasy on our thrones
But with love beside us
We’re richer than Midas
Meet the royal family Jones!

I’ll (You’ll) come home from work at night
We’ll kiss in the doorway
Eyes so shiny bright
To welcome me your way
So happy, so humble
Too much in love to grumble
Gee, lucky us! Just a us!
So we’ll never own a yacht
Then we won’t get sea sick
Can’t go out a lot
We’ll never be spree-sick
No bankers to sup with
No friends we must keep up with
Gee, lucky us!
So we won’t eat crepe suzette
They make you so weighty
Eat what Grandma et
She lived way past eighty
No pheasants in brandy
No pills we must keep handy
Gee, lucky us!

The rich pearly oysters
Who cluster in cloisters
Can never see beyond their rocks
You can’t kiss a bank-book
And gold has a blank look
Who could live and love in Fort Knox!
There’ll be sox and things to mend
you’ll (I’ll) keep me (you) in stitches
Time is all we’ll spend,
With us time is riches
So happy with all things
Because we have the small things
Gee, lucky us! So we’ll us!
LUCK US! as sung by Bob Hop and Rhonda Fleming in the Paramount Picture The Great Lover starring Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming, Paramount Music Corp., 1949 Music and Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (Special Picture Release)