The Magic Touch


  • Written for the Universal Pictures film, Raw Wind of Eden. Directed by Richard Wilson, starring Ester Williams, Jeff Chandler, and Rossana Podesta.
  • On a small Mediterranean island live Costanza, her father Urbano, and beachcomber Moore, whom she plans to marry. Into this Eden come two plane crash survivors, supermodel Laura and her playboy friend Wally. The shapely, worldly Laura becomes a bad influence, especially when triangles start to develop. But beyond this, little mysteries lead Laura and Wally to wonder what's going on and who Moore really is.
  • THE MAGIC TOUCH is performed in the film by Esther Williams (dubbed).

Recording History
Beverly Kenny, The Magic Touch / Your Love is My Love, Decca Records, 1958
Bill Snyder, The Magic Touch, Decca Records, DL-78958