My Love, My Life


  • Written for the 1952 Twentieth Century Fox film, What Price Glory. Directed by John Ford, starring James Cagney, Corinne Calver, and Dan Dailey.
  • In 1918 France, Captain Flagg commands a disreputable company of Marines; his new top sergeant is his old friendly enemy, Quirt. The two men become rivals for the favors of fair innkeeper's daughter Charmaine, but the rivalry goes into reverse when Charmaine proves to be angling for a husband. When the company is ordered to the front, this comedy interlude gives way to the grim realities of war.
  • MY LOVE, MY LIFE is performed in the film by Marisa Pavan.

Recording History
Jane Froman
Marisa Pavan, What Price Glory (sountrack), 1952