The Paramount Don't Want Me Blues


  • Written for the 1950, Paramount Pictures film, Sunset Boulevard. Directed by Billy Wilder and starring William Holden, Gloria Swanson and Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson, Fred Clark, Lloyd Gough, Jack Webb, Hedda Hopper, Buster Keaton, H.B. Warner, Anna Q. Nilsson, Franklyn Farnum and Cecil B. DeMille. It was written by Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder and D.M. Marshman Jr.
  • Originally performed by Jay Livingston, Ray Evans and guests in a scene at Artie's New Years party, however the number was cut from the film. This deleted scene is now included on Paramount's 2012 Blu-ray rerelease of the film.

Recording History
General Store Paramount Pictures Orchestra
Whitney Claire Kaufman and Nelson Kole, Sunset Boulevard, Counterpoint/SAE, CPT1001, Craig Spaulding, Lukas Kendall, and Neil S. Bulk, 2009
I got those Paramount don’t want me
Warner Brothers only taunt me
And the others seem to flaunt me blues.
I got those David Selznick needs me
And though Dory Schary heeds me
It’s my laundry job that feeds me blues.
Don’t give up, all my friends say,
For on a clear day
You can even see Sam Goldwyn.
But with his receptionist I do my deceptionist
And get that, Sorry, Joe, things are slow,
Leave us your name, we’ll let ya know.
Same old cold grin.
I got those - So I said to Zanuck Metro
Thinks that I’m titanic
Back In Butte I was a panic” blues.
I got those R.K.O. for one day
Back to Schwab’s and sit till Sunday
Could you lend me five till Monday blues.
Though I’m terrific, my talent is immense,
Guess I’ll only get in pictures
By paying eighty cents.
Producers' souls are on their shoes.
I got those Hedda Hopper fluffs me
Louella sloughs me
Paramount don’t want me blues.
I got those blues.
THE PARAMOUNT-DON'T-WANT-ME BLUES From the Paramount Picture Sunset Boulevard directed by Billy WIlder, starring WIlliam Holden, Gloria Swanson and Erich von Stroheim. Paramount Music Corporation, 1950 Music and Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.