Are You Happy In Your Work?


  • Written for the 1944 PRC (Producers Releasing Corporation) film I Accuse My Parents, starring Mary Beth Hughes, Robert Lowell, George Meeker, John Miljan and Vivienne Osbourne.
  • Ignored by his alcoholic parents, Jimmy Wilson starts hanging around with some questionable characters after falling in love with a lounge singer. He tries to impress her by doing jobs for her gangster boss. After a job goes bad, Jimmy ends up on the run. Eventually he must confront the truth, his past and his parents.
  • An exploitation film dealing with juvenile delinquency, I Accuse My Parents was intended as a teaching tool, intended to teach parents morals, specifically that they should take an interest in their children’s lives, as well as the emotional and psychological consequences of child neglect.
  • The film premiered on November 4, 1944 and was released generally on October 27, 1945.
  • I Accuse My Parents was later featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • ARE YOU HAPPY IN YOUR WORK? is performed in the film by by Mary Beth Hughes.

Recording History
Martha Tilton, I Accuse My Parents soundtrack