You Don't Know Him


  • Written for the 1958 Broadway show, Oh Captain! Based on the screenplay, The Captain's Paradise, by Alec Coppel.
  • Lyrics and music by Livingston and Evans, book by Al Morgan and Jose Ferrer.
  • The original cast included Ronny Randall, Alexandra Danilove, Susan Johnson, Abbe Lane, Jacquelyn McKeever, Edward Platt and Paul Valentine.
  • Tony nominee for Best Musical 1958.

Recording History
Tony Bennett
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The Don Tweedy Orchestra and Chorus
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You don’t know him as I do.
You’ll find I’m right
Before you’re through.
He’s pleased with just a gentle touch.

He wants so little
And yet he needs so much.
You may think he’s yours alone,
But there’s so much you’ve never known.

Don’t be misled
By just a thrill or two.
You’ll never, never know him!
No one will ever know him as I do.

Don’t be misled
By just a thrill or two.
You’ll never, never know him!
No one will ever know him as I do.

YOU DON'T KNOW HIM From Jose Ferrer’s Production of Oh Captain!, A musical comedy. Livingston and Evans, Inc., 1958. Music and Lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans Book by Al Morgan and Jose Ferrer, Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements by Jay Blackton (Commercial Score)