Wish Me A Rainbow


  • Written for the 1966 Paramount Pictures film This Property is Condemned, directed by Sidney Pollack, screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Natalie Wood, Robert Redford and Charles Bronson.
  • In depression-era America, a railroad official comes to Dodson Mississippi to shut down much of the railway, the town’s main income. He unexpectedly falls in love with the town flirt. They try to escape her mother’s control and the town’s thirst for revenge.
  • Adapted from the 1946 one-act play of the same name by Tennessee Williams.
  • Natalie Wood allegedly attempted suicide during the filming of the movie.
  • Tennessee Williams was so dismayed by the film, that he threatened to have this name taken off the credits.
  • A collaboration between Jay Livingston and Ray Evans who wrote the lyrics and Henry Mancini who wrote the music.

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Wish me a rainbow, and wish me a star.
All this you can give me,
Wherever you are;

And dreams for my pillow,
And stars for my eyes,
And a masquerade ball
Where our love wins first prize.

Wish me red roses, and yellow balloons,
And black sequins (carousels) whirling
To gay dancing tunes.

I want all these treasures;
The most you can give.
So, wish me a rainbow
As long as I live!

All my tomorrows
Depend on your love.
So, wish me a rainbow

All my tomorrows
Depend on your love.
So, wish me a rainbow above!
WISH ME A RAINBOW As sung in the Paramount Picture This Property is Condemned, starring Natalie Wood and Robert Redford, Famous Music Corporation, 1966. Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Music by Henry Mancini (Special Picture Release)