Let It Ride!


  • Title song from the 1961 Broadway show Joel Spector presents Let It Ride! starring George Gobel, Sam Levene and Barbara Nicholas.
  • A Broadway musical based on the 1935 Broadway farce Three Men on a Horse by George Abbott.
  • The musical, with book by Abram S. Ginnes, opened in New York City at the Eugene O'Neill Theater on October 12, 1961, and ran for 68 performances.

Recording History
The Blue Chips, RCA Victor Records, #47-7935
Jay Livingston, demo
Sam Levene and Company, The Original Broadway Cast Recording Let It Ride!, RCA Victor Records, #LOC/LSO-1064
Since time began the gamblin' man
Has always led the way,
You can beat the odds and trim the gods
But first you gotta play!

Let it ride, let it ride,
When your luck looks good, let it ride,
Let it roll, let it ride,
Make a side-bet on the side,
When you got that hunch, let it ride!

Spread your sail, ride the time,
When you're goin' good, let it ride!
Let it romp, let it rip,
Get your wallet off your hip,
When you hit that clip, let it ride!

The faint of heart never reach the heights
They get their goodies in tiny bites!
Multiply, don't divide
When your luck looks good, let it ride!

When you feel unafraid
And you know you got it made,
And when love is the prize
That is right before your eyes,

Bet your gold, bet your gal,
Bet the Panama Canal,
Come on pal, let it ride!
LET IT RIDE! From the Broadway show Let It Ride, Livingston and Evans, Inc., 1961. Music and Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (Professional version)