Piccadilly Tilly
(Piccadilly Lady)


  • Written for the 1947, Paramount Pictures film The Imperfect Lady. Directed by Lewis Allen and starring Ray Milland, Teresa Wright, Cedric Hardwicke and Anthony Quinn.
  • Millicent Hopkins, while touring with a dancing troupe in 1892, meets Clive Loring who is campaigning in the English Midlands for Parliament. They fall in love and Millie remains behind at the home of her father while her friend, Rose Bridges and the rest of the company go to London. Lord Belmont, Clive's older brother, tells Millie that a marriage below Clive's station will jeopardize his future happiness. She resolves to drop out of his life and, without telling him, rejoins the troupe at the Empire Theatre. Mille and Rose, leaving the theatre without removing their makeup, are stopped and questioned by a bobby. They flee and Millie takes refuge in the rooms of a sympathetic stranger, Jose Martinez, a Spanish concert pianist, where she remains most of the night. The next morning, a Scotland Yard Inspector arrives and arrests Martinez.
  • Taglines: She Alone Must Decide Whether To Send One Man To His Death Or Plunge Another To Disgrace!

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