My Own, My Only, My All

Recording History
Kay Kyser and his Orchestra, The Great American Composers, Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, Columbia House, 8651
Frankie Laine, My Own, My Only, My All / Now That I Need You, Mercury Records, 5311, 1949
Dean Martin, My Friend Irma (soundtrack)

  • Written for the 1950 Paramount Pictures film My Friend Irma. Directed by George Marshall, starring John Lund, Diana Lynn, Don DeFore, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
  • Based on the long-running radio show. Irma is a likeable airhead who meddles in her roommate's love-life. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in their first screen appearance, are juice-bar operators who are discovered when a self-proclaimed manager hears Martin's golden voice. Irma's roommate wants to marry her rich boss, but instead falls in love with Martin.
  • MY OWN, MY ONLY, MY ALL is sung by a female vocalist over main titles and later by Dean Martin.

I was once a melancholy sad one
Nothing seemed to be worth a whit
Now this melancholy one is such a glad one
And my lamp of love is lit,
You’re it!

See it in your smile,
I hear it in your sigh,
That we have found a feeling
Higher than high,
My own, my only, my all.

Kindled by your kiss,
the warmth of your embrace,
The luster of the love-light
lighting your face,
My own, my only, my all.

Knock on wood,
As well I should,
For all that you’re making of me.
Never thought you’d love me,
But you do, you do!

And when I look up at the stars
And ask them all, “What’s new?!”
They join me in the answer,
“Darling, it’s you!”
My own, my only, my all.
MY OWN, MY ONLY, MY ALL as sung in the Hal Wallis production My Friend Irma a Paramount Picture, starring John Lund, Diana Lynn, Don DeFore, Marie Wilson, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Paramount Music Corp., 1949 Words and Music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (Special Picture Release)