My Favorite Brunette

Recording History
Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour and Paul Weston, Capitol Records, 381, 1957

  • Written for the 1947 Paramount Pictures film, My Favorite Brunette. Directed by Elliott Nugent, starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre.
  • A baby photographer mistaken for a private eye ends up framed for murder in this lampoon of hard-boiled detectives and the film noir style.
  • A number of high profile Hollywood stars appear in this film in cameo roles, including Alan Ladd, Lon Chaney, Jr., Bing Crosby and Betty Hutton.
  • Many film noir regulars play roles in My Favorite Brunette that poke fun at their more serious roles.
  • Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour recorded two Livingston-Evans songs with Capitol Records coordinated with the film’s release. The romantic “Beside You” appeared as a solo by Lamour in the film while “My Favorite Brunette”, a title song full of comic banter, did not appear onscreen.
  • The Screen Guild Theater, a popular radio anthology series during the Golden Age of Radio, broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of My Favorite Brunette on CBS on October 13, 1947. Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour reprised their onscreen roles.
  • My Favorite Brunette is the second film in a three part series of sorts starring Bob Hope. My Favorite Blonde from 1942 spoofed secret agent thriller films and My Favorite Spy from 1951 parodies international spy films.
  • In 1975, the film entered the public domain in the USA due to the copyright claimants failure to renew the copyright registration during the 28th year after release.
  • Many different versions of My Favorite Brunette exist on home video and DVD varying in picture and sound quality. There have been authorized video releases of the film under license from the Bob Hope estate using the original negatives.
  • Filmed in black and white, My favorite Brunette also exists in a computer-colored version.
  • The film was later feature in an episode of Cinema Insomnia, a nationally syndicated television series that screened well-known horror or science fiction classics. The show was hosted by Mr. Lobo (Erik Lobo).

Johnny Jones was a boy
Who liked girls with raven tresses;
He thought ev’ry girl just
For him was saving yeses.
He figured that the duty
Of each brunette beauty
Was to run to him for neckin’
At his ev’ry bark and beckon.

He said “I will date Rosey, ‘cause Rosey is cozy,
And she’s my fav’rite brunette.”
But Rosey that summer was datin’ the plumber,
She turned out to be all wet.
He said, “I’ll make Rosita, that sweet senorita,
My brand new fav’rite brunette.”
But this hot tamale was flirting
With Charlie by shaking her castanet.

Dark haired Tillie was silly over Willie,
Lily and Billy were kind o’ Jack and Jilly;
So he tried a red-head,
But she was a dead-head,
And what can you do with a blonde?

He tried usin’ his noodle
And bought a black poodle,
His brand new favrite brunette;
But she loves a spaniel, name of Daniel.

That was the payoff,
And so he went way off,
He hasn’t stopped tryin’ yet.
He was last seen in Tibet, you bet,
Chasing another brunette.
MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE Paramount Pictures My Favorite Brunette starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, Famous Music Corp., 1947 Words and Music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (Special Picture Release)