The Morning Music of Montmartre


  • Written for the 1958 Broadway show, Oh Captain! Based on the screenplay, The Captain's Paradise, by Alec Coppel.
  • Opened on Broadway February 4, 1958 at the Alvin Theatre and ran for 192 performances.
  • The original cast included Ronny Randall, Alexandra Danilove, Susan Johnson, Abbe Lane, Jacquelyn McKeever, Edward Platt and Paul Valentine.
  • Tony nominee for Best Musical 1958.

Recording History
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The morning music of Montmartre
Creates a certain feeling.
And Sunday morning in Montmartre
Is when it’s most appealing.

The Concierge with sleepy eyes
Starts her daily chore;
The florist gets his day’s supplies
And open up his store.
The church bells play a rondelet,
The city rhythms start;
And ev’ry note’s a sweet sound,
Small side street sound.
This is the morning music of Montmartre.
The children start their morning play,
The sun is warm and mellow.
The lark is in the key of “A”,
The dove is, playing cello.
Bonjour M’sieu, Madame, Ma’amselle,
Cheerful voices blend;
That’s music from the small hotel
As friend is greeting friend.
The cycle bells that gaily ring
Are proud to play their part;
This is the day we rest up
And get dressed up,
Sharing the morning music of Montmartre.
Utrillo took each brick and tree
And let his brush reveal it.
In ev’ry note of Debussy
You just can’t help but feel it.
Colette has made it live in print,
This we all applaud;
Réalités has made a mint exporting it abroad!

The brush and the pen Parisienne
Made us a living art!
Each violin or bass note
Is a grace note.
This is the morning music of Montmartre.
The morning magic of Montmartre
Can make my day a fine one.
There’s just no place that’s like Montmartre,
No genius could design one!
I feel as peaceful as a child
In the morning hush.
The color scheme so warm and wild
Would make a rainbow blush!
I start my day in this café
With music in my heart.
And as I go my way now,
I can say now
I’ve heard the morning music, magic music!
I love the morning music of Montmartre.
THE MORNING MUSIC OF MONTMARTRE From Jose Ferrer’s Production of Oh Captain! A musical comedy Livingston and Evans, Inc., 1958. Music and Lyrics by Jay Livignston and Ray Evans Book by Al Morgan and Jose Ferrer, Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements by Jay Blackton (Commercial Show Score)