• Song tribute to city of Los Angeles, concept inspired by Los Angeles Times columnist Gene Sherman.
  • Adopted by the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as the former Los Angeles Angels baseball teams.
  • Adopted as the official song of the city of Los Angeles, California, 1966.

Recording History
Bob Thompson his Orchestra and Chorus
Bob Grabeau and Horace Heidt and His Orchestra, Angeltown, single, Magnolia Records, #1-B
Jon Weber, It's Never Quite the Same, Mood Records, MD-1111, 1998

Valley green, mountain white,
Ocean blue and beaches bright;
Heavenly just to be
In Angeltown. 

Sunny days, starry nights
Miles and miles of sparkling lights;
Shiny new, all for you
In Angeltown. 

Once you wander through its byways
Then you never can depart.
In a thousand sweet and sly ways
It will win your heart! 

Settle down, build your fence,
Here the future’s present tense;
Room for all and we call it

Find your love, bring her here
Honeymoon it ‘round the year;
Heaven waits at the gates of

Special Souvenir Edition
for The Los Angeles Angels, 1963

Batter up,
Time to play,
Angels let's go all the way:
Hit the ball,
Win it all
For Angeltown.

Wreck the Yanks,
Rip the Sox,
Knock that Tiger from he box:
Show the Twins
Just wwho wins
In Angeltown.

What we're here for is to cheer for
Ev'ry Angel on the club;
And we'll gladly
Shed a tear for
Ev'ry team you drub!

Get the hits,
Score the runs,
Show them you're our fav'rite sons;
Angels fly
Mighty high
In Angeltown!

Angels fly
Mighty high
In Angeltown!

ANGELTOWN Inspired by Gene Sherman’s column in the Los Angeles Times and dedicated by him to an angel. Words and Music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Livingston and Evans Inc., 1959. (Commercial Score)