Drunk With Love


  • Written as the title song for the 1948 Paramount Pictures film, Dream Girl. Directed by Mitchell Leisen and starring Betty Hutton, Macdonald Carey, and Patric Knowles.
  • Betty Hutton stars Georgina Allerton, who periodically escapes her humdrum existence by retreating into elaborate daydreams. Georgina's fantasy excursions disturb her parents (Walter Abel and Peggy Wood) and her married sister (Virginia Field), who wish that she'd grow up already and stop all this nonsense. Only when she falls truly in love with Clark Redfield (Macdonald Carey) does Georgina abandon her dream world.
  • Performed by Betty Hutton in the film with the Paramount Studio Orchestra conducted by Victor Young.

Recording History
Betty Hutton, Dream Girl (soundtrack), 1948
I’m drunk with love
There’s nothing left to thrill me
Drunk with love
Someday it’s gonna kill me
The gates that were open
Are shut tight to me
I lost the key
Can’t you see?
I’m drunk with love
I wander worn and weary
Drunk with love
No one to call me dearie
I reach for a hand
And I find just an empty glove
I’m drunk, dread drunk with love
DRUNK WITH LOVE From the Paramount Picture Dream Girl starring Betty Hutton and Macdonald Carey, Famous Music Corp., 1947. Music and Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (Special Picture Release)