Hello There


  • Written as a follow up to "G'bye Now", the hit song written for the Broadway musical production Olsen and Johnson's New Hellzapoppin', 1941.

Recording History
I could call for you in a Cadillac or a shiny cab with a radio in the back.
(Girl: You could call for me, etc.)
I could send you orchids or some expensive gift,
(Girl: You could send me, etc.)
But all this is unimportant,
It hasn't any lift;
The main thing is to be with you and to do whatever we want to do
There's a lovely evening in view.
Hello there, hello there;
All today I've waited for tonight,
Gee I'll say you're looking devastating.
Where'll we go,
Maybe a show.
Hello there, hello there,
Did your mother say she'd leave a light:
(Girl: Told my mother, "Better leave a light;")
Tell your brother not to bother waiting
(Girl: Hope my brother doesn't bother waiting)
Where'll we go,
After the show.
We could meet the gang at Tony's or go for a drive;
I'm only alive, whe we two agree to a night together.
Hello there, hello there,
Are you ready for a lovely time;
Goin' steady, I got a lucky lover's right
To say hello there ev're night.