• Sepulveda Boulevard a street in Los Angeles, stretching more than 42 miles from the north end of the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach.
  • SEPULVEDA was recorded by The King's Jester on short lived label Vogue Records (1946-1947) known for the colorful artwork on the records.

Recording History
Alvino Rey and his Orchestra and Joanne Ryan, Bumble Boogie (Jack Fina) / Sepulveda, Capitol Records, 262, 1946
The King Sisters
The King's Jesters, G'wan Home, Your Mudder's Callin' / Sepulveda, Vogue Records, R-766, 1946
Jon Weber, It's Never Quite the Same, Mood Records, MD-1111, 1998
If I was just an evangelist from old Los Angeles,
There’s a street I’d wanna shout about,
It’s got ev’rything handy from candy to brandy,
Really knocks me out.

That’s a reet beat street, It’s so elite
Feelin’ that highway under my feet,

It’s a concrete dream, kumquats and cream,
Where the Sunday drivers meet,
There somebody’s waitin’,
Gotta go, gotta go, feelin’ no hesitatin’
There’s where I’m locatin’,
I’m happy, On the sunny side of

Gonna drive my jeep, beep beep!
On SE-PUL-VE-DA Boulevard!
Unless you plan to be scandalous in old Los Angeles,
There’s a street ya gotta shout about,
It’s got ev’rything classy, its chasis is grassy,
Really knocks me out.
SEPULVEDA Vanguard Songs, Hollywood, California, 1946 Words and Music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans