On The Other End Of A Kiss

Recording History
Buddy Clark and Michell Ayres and his Orchestra, On the Other End of A Kiss / You Are Everything to Me, Columbia Records, 37211
Perry Como
Betty Hutton and Joe Lilley and his Orchestra, On The Other End of A Kiss / Don't Tell Me That Story, RCA Victor, 20-2012, 1946
Dinah Shore, 1946

Banker, buyer, lawyer, flyer,
You can be what you be;
Teacher, writer, opening nighter,
That cuts no ice with me.
But if you know how to give me a glow
when our lips meet
I’ll get my fill of ev’ry thrill
From your lips sweet.

Your brain is sharp, you play the harp,
That’s easy for me to dismiss,
For if you wanna be mine, you gotta shine
On the other end of a kiss.

The latest style, a toothpaste smile,
Are good for a boo or a hiss
The thing that matters to me
Is how you’ll be
On the other end of a kiss

Make money, you’ll lose it!
Why dress up? You’ll mess up your clothes;
But look what goes on, and on, and on
‘Bout an inch beneath your nose.

You got degrees, you talk Chinese
You know what to do with all this!
The only pertinent fact is how you act
On the other end of a kiss
To heed your calls Niag’ra falls,
You’ve charted the Alps for the Swiss
But what’s important to wit
Is how you fit
On the other end of a kiss.

You’ve dined with queens on pork and beans,
You call ev’ry princess “Dear miss”
But if you wanna be wed
You’ll use your head
On the other end of a kiss.

Your painting! Go hang it!
So what if your yacht is a pip;
Consider the space you call your face
Learn to love me lip to lip.
You made my folks applaud your jokes
In Kansas they love you for this;
But if you wanna be smart
You’ll hang your heart
On the other end of a kiss.
ON THE OTHER END OF A KISS Recorded by Betty Hutton on Victor Records, Famous Music Corp., 1946 Words and Music by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans