Band Baby

Recording History
Jonathan and Darlene Edwards Jo Stafford as Darlene Edwards introduces this song with a birthday dedication to Jay Livingston
Johnny Mercer air-check from the Chesterfield Music Shop Radio Show

  • About a teenage girl who hangs around the bandstand, listening and dancing to the music.
  • This song was written for Johnny Mercer while Livingston and Evans were trying to establish themselves in Hollywood.
  • Johnny Mercer performed the song on his NBC radio show, and mentioned Livingston and Evans by name before each of the three performances that night.
  • Jonathan and Darlene Edwards were the alter egos of famed big band singer Jo Stafford and her husband, the celebrated pianist, arranger, composer and conductor, Paul Weston. They recorded an album as such, claiming that the Edwardses were a New Jersey lounge act they had discovered, and denied any personal connection.
  • Jo Stafford played Darlene Edwards as a brazenly off-key singer, and Paul Weston played the part of Jonathan Edwards, a less-than talented piano player.
  • A Time magazine article exposed Stafford and Weston as Jonathan and Darlene Edwards in 1957.
  • Stafford and Weston went on to play the Edwardses for decades to great commercial and critical success. They won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1960.