• Inspired by Illinois Governor Dwight H. Green.

Illinois Illinois
It’s our state it’s for you
‘Cause it’s great through and through
Illinois Illinois
With the best of the old
It’s the first with the new!
City lights, Country lanes
As fair as America’s best,
For we know the way
And we’re proud we can say
Illinois leads the rest! Illi-rest!
Illinois Illinois
Where we’re looking ahead
For in wisdom we’re led
Illinois Illinois where the east meets the west
and the carpet is spread!
Grow our corn, pack our meat
There’re fact’ries and railroads and wheat
For men of good will
And a dream to fulfill, it is still
Illinois! Illinois!
ILLINOIS inspired by Governor Dwight H. Green, Paramount Music Corp., 1948 Music and Words by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans