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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

Lucky Us   The Great Lover 1949

A Thousand Violins   The Great Lover 1949

My Love Loves Me   The Heiress 1949

Piccadilly Tilly   The Imperfect Lady 1947

Afternoon In Athens   The Italian Look 1984

All About Women   The Italian Look 1984

Cara Mia   The Italian Look 1983

The Four Generals   The Italian Look 1979

The Garbage Disposal   The Italian Look 1990

It's In To Be In   The Italian Look 1983

The Italian Look (Finale)   The Italian Look 1983

Just As You Are   The Italian Look 1989

Kind O' Nice   The Italian Look 1979

Look-A-Here Joe   The Italian Look 1987

See Ya, Love Ya   The Italian Look 1989

Let Me Be Loved   The James Dean Story 1957

It Doesn't Cost A Dime To Dream   The Lemon Drop Kid 1950

Silver Bells   The Lemon Drop Kid 1950

They Obviously Want Me To Sing   The Lemon Drop Kid 1951

Holy Cow   The Man Who Knew Too Much 1955

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)   The Man Who Knew Too Much 1955

We'll Love Again   The Man Who Knew Too Much 1955

The Mole People   The Mole People 1956

Angela   The Night of The Grizzly 1965

The Book of Regulations   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 1988

Don't Brother Me   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones   1988

I Gave You A River   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 1971

I Got A Plan   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 1983

Law and Order   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 1989

The Odyssey of Runyon Jones   The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 1990
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