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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

Misto Cristofo Columbo   Here Comes The Groom 1951

Your Own Little House   Here Comes The Groom 1951

Ali Baba   Here Come The Girls 1953

Don't Take My Heart   Here Come The Girls   1953

Girls!   Here Come The Girls 1953

Heavenly Days   Here Come The Girls 1953

It's Torment   Here Come The Girls 1953

Never So Beautiful   Here Come The Girls 1953

See The Circus   Here Come The Girls 1953

When You Love Someone   Here Come The Girls 1953

Ya Got Class!   Here Come The Girls 1953

The Golden Years   Houdini 1953

Almost In Your Arms   Houseboat 1958

Bing! Bang! Bong!   Houseboat 1958

Are You Happy In Your Work?   I Accuse My Parents 1944

Love Came Between Us   I Accuse My Parents 1944

Where Can You Be?   I Accuse My Parents 1944

Gee, It's Gonna Be Wonderful   I Love Lydia 1950

Give The Little Girls A Great Big Hand   I Love Lydia   1951

I Love Lydia   I Love Lydia 1951

Let Me Put It This Way   I Love Lydia 1951

My Most Delectable Dream   I Love Lydia 1951

The Order of the Garter   I Love Lydia 1951

Riviera   I Love Lydia   2051

Viva La Duel   I Love Lydia   1951

At The Nickelodeon   Isn't It Romantic? 1948

I Shoulda Quit When I Was Ahead   Isn't It Romantic? 1948

Indiana Dinner   Isn't It Romantic? 1948

Miss Julie July   Isn't It Romantic? 1948

Wonderin' When   Isn't It Romantic? 1948
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