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Title Soundtrack Recorded Year

Angel In The Night   The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud 1984

Haven't Got A Worry   The Stars Are Singing 1952

I Do! I Do! I Do!   The Stars Are Singing 1952

I Don't See What You See In Me   The Stars Are Singing 1952

Lovely Weather For Ducks   The Stars Are Singing 1952

My Heart Is Home   The Stars Are Singing 1953

My Kind of Day   The Stars Are Singing 1953

Woof   The Stars Are Singing 1965

A Square In The Social Circle   The Stork Club 1945

Love Me Now   The Third Day 1965

Honey Bear   The Two Little Bears 1961

This Happy Feeling   This Happy Feeling 1958

Wish Me A Rainbow   This Property is Condemned 1966

Angel   Those Calloways 1964

Mister Banjo Man   Those Redheads From Seattle 1953

Hey, Punchinello   Three Ring Circus 1954

The Ruby and the Pearl   Thunder In The East 1953

To Each His Own   To Each His Own 1946

Free   Too Late Blues 1961

How Shall We Begin?   Too Late Blues 1961

Love Is Mardis Gras   Too Late Blues 1961

Moonlight In Mexico   Too Late Blues 1961

More and More Amor   Too Late Blues 1961

Take Your Time   Too Late Blues 1961

That's Loneliness   Too Late Blues 1961

Those Bad Old Days   Too Late Blues 1961

Three Dollar Bill   Too Late Blues 1961

The Green Years   Torn Curtain 1966

To Rome With Love   To Rome With Love 1970

Vertigo   Vertigo 1958
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